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OMTC welcomes all – whether performing members who sing, dance and act on stage, or associate members who want to be involved in other ways – perhaps as crew, stage-hands, front-of-house, or just to be kept up-to-date with what’s happening next.

We always require enthusiastic and reliable front-of-house staff, stage-hands, people who can paint or build sets, and, for shows involving a significant number of children, chaperones (who must be CRB checked by us).


All new on-stage or performing members will be required to do an audition for the current “creative team”. Don’t worry about this!  Everyone understands that even if you’re used to performing this can be a daunting process, but this isn’t an audition for a part, it’s just to make sure that you can speak clearly, sing a little, and do both of these while moving on the stage.


As the cost of putting on a musical theatre production continues to skyrocket, it’s essential that the company brings in enough money each year to be able to continue. As a charity OMTC gets a significant proportion of it’s income from membership fees, so each member pays a small annual fee to help cover the running costs of the company, and performers pay a bit extra towards the costs associated with being part of a show (e.g. costumes).

Adult membership is £30 a year with a £20 show fee for members who are involved with a performance on stage.

Junior membership is available for members under 18, at a reduced cost of £20/yr with a £10 show fee.

How to Join

Send an email, or come along to any rehearsal.

2 thoughts on “Join Us”

  1. Hi- I am age 14 and attend The Marches School. I am wondering if i could join the theatre company please?

    Thank You

    B Cain

    1. Hi Bailey,

      We’re probably not in a position for you to start as a performing member for the panto we’re doing in early December, but for our next show (we’re currently expecting it to be Oliver! in April or May next year) you’d be more than welcome.

      Can you send an email to and we can send you some more details?


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